Science Fair 2023

Meritton Science Fair 2023



Welcome to Meritton’s Science Fair! Our primary and secondary pupils showcased their science projects during Meritton’s Science Fair 2023. With families, teachers, and friends in attendance, our young learners impressed everyone with their inquisitive minds and exceptional creativity.

The event was a celebration of scientific inquiry and innovation, proving that science can be fun, exciting, and endlessly fascinating. At Meritton, we firmly believe that it’s perfectly normal not to understand everything around us. That’s why we encourage our pupils to ask questions, test their hypotheses, and learn from the results. Meritton’s pupils were excited to present what they had discovered after weeks of hard work.


Science in Early Childhood



Our Nursery and Reception students also dove into the world of science with an exciting experiment focused on the concept of density and colour mixing. Ms Raquel and Ms Liz demonstrated the effects of food colouring falling through shaving cream and oil. The pupils had to be patient while waiting for the food colouring to fall through the thick cloud. This interaction represents how clouds become saturated with water and then produce rainfall. The students’ eyes widened with excitement when they saw the results!

Later, our Early Years students buddied up with their Year 1 seniors to explore what objects can float or sink. In this hands-on activity, students were encouraged to explore the properties of objects and how they interact with water. Through this experiment, students developed their critical thinking skills and gained an understanding of the scientific method. Additionally, this activity allowed students to enhance their vocabulary and communication skills as they discussed their observations and conclusions with their classmates, seniors, and teachers.

At Meritton British International School, we’re committed to fostering a lifelong love of learning in our pupils. We’re proud of the hard work and dedication they showed during the Science Fair, and we look forward to seeing them continue to explore the wonders of science and push the boundaries of human knowledge.

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